Concert look option

Hello everyone!

Today I am sharing with you a look to wear to a concert. I think it’s a look that you could wear to any kind of concert, whether it’s a rock, pop or a country festival.

I wanted to keep it very simple and comfy, because I am not all about dressing up for a concert, but still stylish so I relied mainly on accessories.

I am basically wearing a basic white tank top, a baby pink sweater because it was cold and needed to layer up keeping in mind it would be hot inside.  The rest you can see in the pictures. I decided wearing heels because I am in Germany, and girls here are way taller than me so, if I want to see anything I better wear heels haha.

concert look 2concert look 1




















These are the accessories I was wearing:

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Cute comfy outfit of the day

Hello little bees!

I have been in Hanover spending time with my best friend for a few days and on Thursday we were out in the city. First day of Spring! It’s finally here!

This is a very comfortable yet cute and girly outfit that you can sport for work or a day out. I bought the jeans last summer during my holidays in Spain, I was visiting my family and shopping there is always a great idea! They are very comfortable and fitted, even though not so much anymore since I have lost some weight the past months.




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Want to lose weight? Stop dieting and start making smart choices

Hello, lovelies!

Yes, you guessed right, today I am going to talk about dieting, losing weight and most importantly why it doesn’t work!


It is true that trends are always changing, evolving and returning! There have been times when being skinny was the beauty standard, later on talented and powerful women like Beyoncé and J.Lo started making a statement with their curves, defending natural looking women are still very sexy. Nowadays, fitness and health has become the new beauty standard, finally!

For those of you who might be thinking by now: “What do you know about dieting or exercising?”, I have been a professional figure roller skater since I was 6 years old until I was around 17 and I’ve also had to fight some extra weight myself.

Anxiety, boredom, stress and the lack of exercise were my worst enemy. When I started feeling its consequences –Bad skin, feeling constantly tired and lazy, low self-esteem and it also started affecting my blood circulation– I said: “ENOUGH!“. I contacted a nutritionist my aunt recommended and since I had seen the process and results first hand I decided giving it a try.

This is the usual reaction when we are told or we tell ourselves we need to get on a diet:

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Springful Sunday look

Hello, loves!

So yesterday it was such nice day out! In Germany we don’t see too many sunny and warm days, foremost during the winter, so yesterday was a big deal. I decided getting ready after doing all my chores at home and going out to enjoy the nice weather. Spring time is just around the corner!

This is the look I came up with:

Foto del día 09-03-14 a la(s) 17.52 #2

Foto del día 09-03-14 a la(s) 17.51
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Concealer… A love / hate relationship

I know some of you might be wondering “What is she talking ’bout?!” while others might be going like “OMG. I totally hear ya” haha.

Let me start off by saying that I have a very complicated skin. My skin is very sensitive, it is dry and flakes easilyall over my body, seriously. But at the same time it does get greasy throughout the day, so it’s a rather combination-dry-atopic type of skin. I know, what a pain in the eye. Oh well, I have to live with it and I fight my way to find products that kind of work for my skin.

Concealer is not a product that I have used a lot of throughout the years. I might have been very lucky to not have had very dark circles and when I was younger I wasn’t so much into wearing a flawless make up. Foundation pretty much did it for me and that’s it. However, I have tried a few and let me tell you it’s not easy finding a concealer that covers your imperfections while making your skin feel and look amazing. In my case it might have been even more complicated than the average :-/. Those of you with the same or other problems will understand me.

These are the concealers I possess at the moment:

current concealers

My current concealers

Some of these I bought them long ago, I should probably throw them away already, so please, forgive the worn down aspect of a couple of them. Continue reading

Welcome to my blog

Hello little bees!

I hope you are all having a great day, I just wanted to welcome you to this blog where I will be posting about multiple subjects. From make up to recipes, outfits, reviews on cosmetic products, life, etc.


I am no expert whatsoever, I am self taught on all those fields and whatever I share is based on my own experience not the absolute truth. 

Please, feel free to share your opinions and your tricks! There’s always something new or useful to learn.

I will be posting very soon.